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About The Ship An Auto Company


We are an Auto Transport Brokerage Firm based in Sarasota, Florida . Our DOT Motor Carrier identification number is MC-982073. We are federally licensed and bonded. We have over 20 years of experience in the auto shipping industry. Our service record places us above the rest with a solid reputation for getting the job done, every time! We earmark the best transporters to fulfill our orders!

The more we talk, the more you know! We are so focused on educating consumers that they, in turn, become customers! We have many different ways for you to communicate with us. We keep long hours and we are open daily for your convenience. We work hard for your business and our shipping services are "PDQ"! You know, "Pretty Da** Quick!"

Our clients include auction wholesalers, government institutions, car show enthusiasts, dealerships, fleets, military personnel, individuals, businesses, manufacturers, corporations, sports agents and household moving companies and others!

Frequent Answers To Your Questions

Many consumers want to know what the process for shipping entails. First, the order is placed and the contract is signed between you and The Ship An Auto Company.  A transporter is then assigned to your order. The transporter will coordinate the timing with the pickup contact. The driver will arrive to the origination point. There, a Condition Report is completed and signed by you and the driver. You hand over the keys. The truck driver will load and secure your vehicle onto his truck. It will be transported to your destination. Before delivery, the driver will call the destination contact to arrange a time. The driver arrives to the destination point. The vehicle is unloaded and it is the consumer's turn to inspect. The Condition Report is signed. The driver is paid. The keys are turned back over to the owner!



They come in all shapes and sizes. There are 1 car carriers up to 14 car carriers. When you can visually see the cars, that is an open carrier. They are the most common carriers on the road for auto transport. Open carriers have Cargo insurance enforce while in transit. A driver is responsible for your vehicle from the moment they are handed the keys at origination until delivery.

  1. Insurance coverages vary according to the sizes of the trucks. All freight carriers in the USA are required to carry Cargo Insurance equal to the value of the freight they haul.  If the vehicle is destroyed and a total loss, KBB or NADA value is used to determine the payout to replace your vehicle.
  2. Cargo insurance varies greatly, from truck to truck. A small 2 or 3 car carrier might have $100K and coverage levels go straight up to $1M Combined for larger trucks, to fix any damages that are incurred. It pays out to repair your vehicle if damages are to to driver negligence or equipment/mechanical failure.


An Enclosed truck will protect your vehicle from the elements. They are safe from road debris and adverse weather conditions. Vehicles are not visible to the eye. There are different types of carriers, some with soft sides, most with hard sides surrounding your vehicle. One would use an Enclosed carrier if the car is high end, a classic, new, or it's your "baby." Your auto is delivered in pristine condition.

  1. Insurance overage for an Enclosed transporter will be higher up to $3M combined limit, depending on what they are hauling. 
  2. Unlike an Open Carrier, an Enclosed transporting a classic or antique auto uses current Fair Market Value for assessments.

Both methods of transporting are safe. Drivers are reliable, licensed, insured, and experienced. They must adhere to strict standards of operation and are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the Department of Transportation. There are over 6000 trucks at our disposal and discretion. If they do not have the minimum insurances listed above, they are not contracted by The Ship An Auto Company.


Open transporters are more available than Enclosed transporters. Therefore, it might take a bit longer from order to pickup when you ship via an enclosed truck. It will also depend upon the route that will be used for shipping.  Rural areas might take a bit more time to get a truck assigned to the shipment.

Only the best of the best will be used to transport your vehicle... We guarantee it!

A Few Of Our Customer Reviews

Bob Milliken ,

"after getting very disgusted with rude people on the phone from the movers that called in ramdon some cursing - i was pleasantly surprized to get a call from an angel - missy from pdq listened to what i needed took hold of everything and got my car moved- the most courteous person in the auto transport business i think- i gave pdq name and missy to 12 friends of mine that have cars moved on a regular basis so far - i would never call anyone else for auto transport- thank god for pdq old fashion great ,polite, well informed sevice- if your undecided as to which company to trust your move with use pdq and missy you will be surpized how nice they are.">

Andrew Panico,
"My experience with contact bruce augusto was courteous and very professional. he answered all my questions and believe me there were alot...">


" Honest, great communications. Everything was in the open and very clear up front. Great communication with me, friendly and quick replies. Best selling point other than service is that they don't ask for a deposit until the car is picked up. Other companies sit on your money.. since there may be a wait for a trucking co to pick up your car, that could be a while. It made me feel much better about the company... I'm always leery of giving money to a business with no guarantee of a service delivery date. PDQ addresses that concern by sending an invoice only AFTER the pick up has been done."...more

Wesley Dennison,

"I requested quotes on line to move my car from Florida to Ohio.As you can imagine I received a lot of responses. I spent about two weeks researching all the companies. I then contacted Missy at PQD Auto Movers and she was able to answer all my questions. At no time did she pressure me to use their company, but after futher research I did go with their company. I placed my order on the 24th or 25th of May,2011. Missy called to tell me that my car would be pickup on the 26th of May. The Driver call and said that he would be there around 9 :00 am, on the 26th to pick up my car. The driver was right on time, and his service was outstanding. The driver called to tell me that my car would be delivered to my Ohio address on the 29th of May,2011. The driver kept me informed everyday as to the status of delivery, he delivered my car on the 29th of May,2001 at 11:30 am.I was quoted a total price of $795.00, and was charged not a penny more. I would recommend the use of this company to any one wishing to ship a car."...more

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