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We at The Ship An Auto Company want all of our customers to be informed. Our focus remains, always, of being a source of information. An educated consumer is the best customer! Ask questions- Call 941-875-1281

Know how the business works and you will not be sold on false claims. Ninety-nine percent of the companies contacting consumers in regards to shipping their vehicle are brokers. Ninety-percent do not own a single truck and those that do are not always your best choice. The Ship An Auto Company is an auto transport broker with a fantastic reputation. As a broker, we have access truckers across the USA available to transport our orders. We generally schedule all vehicles on trucks that we have a rapport with and who are aware of what we expect from our carriers. We verify insurance directly with their insurance company. We will obtain a Certificate Of Insurance (COI), which will verify the levels of coverage. You can request a copy, for your reference, after your carrier has been assigned to your order. Our staff will not just list your vehicle to a load board and dispatch to the first company who calls us. We verify that your carrier has a 98% positive rating for services. We will not dispatch to any company who has a negative rating for damage. We will also not dispatch to companies who are consistently late. While we may still be the middle man, we are your middle man, working in your best interest. We are available to you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, we will answer your calls during holidays and weekends! This is our service guarantee. We work to secure a safe transport for your vehicle. We are you connection to the auto transport industry! We want you to become an informed consumer.

We will do all the work of coordination between driver and dock master to insure your vehicle arrives at the boat on time!

We maintain a network of international freight forwarders that handle transports via ships for point to point container and deck service worldwide.

Whether you are flying or driving to your destination, we can schedule your delivery within 24 hours of your arrival.

Timely shipments are what we strive to achieve at The Ship An Auto Company. With sufficient notice, we can arrange orders to be picked up and delivered on tight schedules. We promise a stress-free move and a warm, fuzzy feeling!


open or enclosed shipping with PDQ Auto Movers.

The difference between open carriers and enclosed carriers can be explained quite simply. On an open carrier, the cars are visible to the eye. You've seen trucks go by with 10 cars, all shiny and new, on the way from the factory to the dealership. This gives a false impression of glitter. In actuality, your vehicle will probably arrive as dusty and filthy as you could imagine! Caked on mud and grime from the air and the road will accumulate on the surface. The vehicle is of course, insured against any damages, but dirt is not neglible! On the other hand, there are autos being shipped passed you every day and you probably don't even realize it! They are being shipped via enclosed transport. They willl stay clean. They will not be affected by the weather or the elements or road debris. When vehicles are shipped on an enclosed carrier, they are protected. They will arrive in pristine condition. You would ship an average vehicle via open carrier, because dirt will wash off. If you were transporting via enclosed transport, the car will arrive in the same clean condition as when the journey began. If you have just bought a new car, or a classic or a high end vehicle, then hands down, an enclosed transport is the way to go! However, be aware that the cost differs greatly from an open transporter's price. An average price for an enclosed carrier is $1 per mile. Costs could end up being $2 or $3 per mile, depending on the size of the vehicle, who is doing the actual transporting and the distance. Just know that the level of insurance varies as well. Open carrier starts at $100K Cargo. Enclosed carrier- $250K to $3M Cargo. Rest assured, The Ship An Auto Company has got you covered!  In the rare case that your vehicle does sustain damage, we will walk you through the claims process step by step. It will be just like filing a claim with your own insurance company. It will be the carrier's insurance policy that is responsible for all repairs and again, we will be with you every step of the way!