Bumper To Bumper Insurance Coverage At All Times

Your vehicle will be insured bumper to bumper, from loading through delivery. Insurance coverage is included at no extra cost to the consumer. Both Liability and Cargo policies are enforce during the transport of your vehicle. There is a zero deductible to the consumer. All carriers assigned to shipments are licensed by the DOT and carry insurance policies of a minimum of $100K Cargo to $3M Combined Single Limit. Payout in the case of total loss is KBB or NADA value of the vehicle, at the time of shipment, for an open carrier. If you are utilizing an enclosed transporter, the insurance company will use the fair market value (FMV) of your vehicle to determine the payout in the very rare case of total loss. You may verify your assigned carrier's coverage by requesting a copy of the Certificate Of Insurance (COI).

  • We guarantee excelsior service!
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with our company!
  • We guarantee that all questions will be answered honestly!
  • We guarantee not to charge until service has been rendered!
  • We guarantee our prices are all-inclusive... no hidden fees ever!
  • We guarantee your vehicle to be insured while it's transported!!
  • We guarantee only the finest carriers will be contracted to fulfill your order!
  • We guarantee to answer all calls, texts & emails promptly!

Pay Only AFTER Dispatch

We are trend setters! We've been doing business this way for years...no charges till services have been rendered! We perform before any payments are due. It took so long to change the industry and now, others have finally followed suit! It has been the PDQ Auto Movers method of operation from the get-go!

How To Track Your Order

Call, email or text for an update on your shipment. We'll get right back to you with the requested information.

What We Transport- We Ship Both Running and Inoperable Vehicles:

Cars- Coupes, Sedans, Wagons, Limousines (Also modified cars including lowered vehicles.)

Pickup Trucks, Ladder Racks & Special Equipment, Over-sized Trucks

Minivans, Full-sized Vans, Cargo Vans, Pop Ups

SUV's and Jeeps, (All sizes and modifications.)

Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters

Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles

Shuttles, Buses, Fire Engines, Ambulances

RVs and Trailers